Jon Boy (punkerjon) wrote,
Jon Boy

i just got home from my chemical romance show. heres the complete line-up.

Fall Out Boy
Taking Back Sunday
Matchbook Romance
Story Of The Year
Lost Prophets
and of course My chemical romance.

however, they werent playing in that order...which wouldve been appropriate, seein as how MCR rocks the fuck out of any of the other bands.....with lost prophets close behind. MCR played first, which fucking pissed me off. when i first got there, i had to wait in a god awful line that wrapped all the way around the building. when i finally get within eyesite of the stage (from outside) MCR is playing, and half way through their set. I finally get in (after paying an ASS RAMMING 23 bucks!!!). MCR is on with HELENA, one of the best songs of all time, so i am singing as i shove my way through the line to get in. they punch through 2 amazing songs, while i shove my ass through the crowd of teenie boppers (there for TBS of course). By the time i get up front, i slap fists with gerard, and he starts off Im Not Ok. im not joking when i say that 3 girls walked past me, about to pass out because they liked this song so much. they were talking about MTV and some other bullshit, i wasnt paying attention. songs over. sets over. i see 4 songs total. im pissed, because this is the only reason i came to the damn show, and tomorrow night is sold out. im pissed. this show ruined my MCR experience because (it just got to me now...i dont know why), that over the past year, shows have become more of a fashion statement than anything else. i was so pissed i almost left. damn no re-entry. so i was forced to stay, but knowing one of the best bands in the world is playing later. im talking about lost prophets and not SOTY or TBS. you know how long its been since i heard Shinobi Vs. DRAGON NINJA????? my sophmore year in high school. fucking christ that was good. anywho.....i also realized how shitty TBS is now. not in recording, but live. they sucked. no...really. they sucked so much live i left. i couldnt stay for SOTY because it ruined the whole rest of the show, and wouldnt allow me to enjoy SOTY. UNTIL THE DAY I DIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! hahahaha. inside joke. now all you kids under the age of 17 - i am forced to resent you. i am sorry, but its true.
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